My Heart, My Calling  

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Since I was a young teen, I have had a heart for the plight of the Ladies of my generation and those who are coming after us. There is no guide book. Few or no examples of godly living.

We seem lost in a world that says that what it is doing is just fine so why do we shy away from what is conventional? Many of us are living too close to the world. Sometimes we know we should be different but don't know how. Sometimes we are just uninformed about Christ's expectation of being different from the world around us.

There is a Way. A better way than that which the world has chosen for its young women. If we want better results than that which the world has, we need to start out differently.

Consider the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

If we do what the world does, we will get what the world gets. This is the basic Law of sowing a reaping.

You cannot live as the world lives and expect to get godly fruit.

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