Love Letters  

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I started writing love letters to my husband when I was 12. I labeled them MFH or My Future Husband. I kept them in a shoe box under my bed, adding to it regularly. By the time I married at 20, I had filled the box to over flowing. I began to read the letters to him after we married. Some were silly foolish little girl stuff. Some were surprisingly profound. I held nothing back in those letters. I wrote of passions and crushes, of hopes and dreams. It was an outlet for the feelings that I didn't consider appropriate to voice. Some made us cry. Some made us laugh. It was an incredible bonding experience. I had prepared for him my whole life. And such was evident in the reading of the letters.

Recently I began writing letters to him again, tucking them into his lunch box when ever I have the notion. It is my prayer that these letters will be a bright spot in a hard day.

Here is today's letter:

My Dearest Love,
I know that life has been neither simple or easy over the last year or so, but these hard times only serve to remind me how blessed we are to have each other. Even with our collective faults we are still a great team. We love as passionately as we believe. We are fervent in our faith, sincere in our principles, (even if, occasionally, we fall short of ideal). You still hold my heart. I am satisfied. There is no place I would rather be than in your arms. Regarldess of what the future may hold, I am confident, with Gods help, we will be victorious-- together.
All my love,
your Sarah

chosing purity  

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"Purity is like taking a deep breath outside early on a summer morning, or like the smell of a mowed hay field just after it rains. It is exhilarating! Why would we ever choose to reject the fragrance of purity for the stench of a cattle-yard? Yet that is just what we do when we linger on an unclean thought, read an impure book, or look at immoral pictures. The blood of Jesus turns foul hearts into clean hearts!"
~Pastor Joshua Adams