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Have you hugged your children today? Have you told them that they are the greatest treasure God has given you? That your love for them is so vast some times you feel as if you could explode? That there is nothing in the entire UNIVERSE worth more to you than them. Here is a conversation I have regularly with my little ones:
Momma: Do you know that I love you?
Son: Yes (or sometimes, to be silly, "No")
Momma: Why do I love you?
Son: Because God gave ME to YOU as a special gift.
Momma: that's right.

I started teaching this to my second born as soon as he began to talk. I want them to KNOW it, to have it memorized...that I love them. To hear it so often that it becomes ol' mom telling them AGAIN. I want them to know that they are precious beyond measure to me.

Mankind has yet to invent a number large enough to put a value on the worth of my children.

So ask yourself.... do they know you love them?

Have you told them TODAY?

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