What is A Thousand Days of Praise?  


I was inspired to start this series "A Thousand Days of Praise" from this blog:

I realized that I was stealing my own joy by not choosing to be grateful for God's bounteous gifts to me. 
Here is what I wrote the day I began my posts praising God for His blessings in my life (from 4/3/12).

 So what do you do when you have given up on life? When you wake up one morning and say "Why am I doing this? Why do I keep fighting and struggling only to be beaten down by life again and again?"

Today was one of those days for me.

I would have rather crawl under a rock than face another day. But little voices called from the other room. Voices which I could not ignore for much longer. So I pulled myself up by my boot straps and faced another day.

Facing the day is rather an exaggeration.

I made an appearance.

I fed my family cereal and wished they'ed all just leave me alone.

 That is when I stumbled upon this blog. I had read a few articles on the blog previously... about homeschooling and motherhood. But this article stopped me in my tracks. She described me exactly as I was today. Hopeless. Bitter.

Before long the flood gates of tears open wide and I had to answer the "Why are you crying Momma?" question. (I answered it in my usual way: "Girls cry a lot.") The author explains how her life was changed by the simple act of counting the gifts God had given her. Of teaching herself to be grateful by, day by day, recounting the blessings of God. The one statement in the article that stands out to me (I think I need to write in in Sharpie on my wall!) is “God doesn’t ask me to be perfect; He asks me to praise.”

I mean, I know that, don't I? I say something similar every time I read the catechism with my boys. We were made for God's glory, to glorify Him. But do I do it? Do I see that as my purpose in life? Maybe I wouldn't spend so much time fearing I had missed God's will for my life if I actually did what I know He created me for: praising Him. Maybe I'd be happier if I could focus on praising him, instead of focusing on all the ill in my life and all the ways I think I fall short of perfection.

So I began my list of 1000 gifts from God on my blog The Pursuit of Godly Womanhood. Immediately, I could feel the change in my spirit. After all, I was made to praise Him.

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